The global economy of the 21st century must accommodate new population growth, respond to resource volatility and the threat of climate change, and create opportunities for improved standards of living in both the developed and developing worlds. At BVP, we believe that doing so requires:

  • using (increasingly expensive) commodities more efficiently
  • emitting fewer greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming
  • addressing the challenge posed by an already strained infrastructure, and
  • relying on energy resources to which there is stable access.

This amounts to a massive paradigm shift for entire industries and geographies. We invest in entrepreneurs that share this vision and use technology as a tool to address these challenges.


The following themes drive our cleantech investment strategy:

  • making the most efficient use of limited resources while delivering a strong ROI to customers
  • employing a capital-efficient approach to building businesses
  • leveraging innovation and technology as an essential part of the solution
  • enabling industrialization of the developing world, as we welcome more than two billion people to a higher standard of living

Our broad cleantech investment mandate covers energy generation, efficiency, storage, energy-grid enhancements, transportation, water and waste treatment, and renewable energy development and financing. We strongly believe in a roadmap-driven investment strategy through which we target opportunities based on careful, top-down analyses of macroeconomic trends, industry dynamics, and market developments. We then invest in the most promising teams and businesses according to the principles outlined above.

Following the adoption of renewable energy across the globe, we invested in leading developers and service providers in India including Shriram EPC, Orient Green Power, and Applied Solar Technologies. Our significant presence in India has afforded us the footprint to understand the local dynamics and work closely with the companies.

Improvements in energy efficiency hold the promise to “do more with less” and achieve an attractive payback against the backdrop of growing human resource consumption. Within this roadmap, Pinnacle Engines is reinventing the combustion engine to provide dramatic improvements in fuel economy.

It is our view that energy-grid upgrades, particularly in the US, will provide a large economic opportunity to modernize aging infrastructure. Smart Grid and Energy Storage are two examples within this roadmap. Our early investment in CPower pioneered energy management and demand response solutions for the enterprise.

These are some of the perspectives that have led to our current investments. Over time these roadmaps continuously evolve to reflect the dynamic set of opportunities in the marketplace. We encourage you to submit your business plan or executive summary to

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