Build Employee Software. Employees are now powerful customers, not just their managers! We’re witnessing the “Consumerization of Software” so focus on ease of use.

The gig is up. Pandora’s box is open. Your customers all now know that software doesn’t have to suck anymore. They use rich internet applications including Facebook and Skype to communicate with their friends; they use LinkedIn to manage their business networks, Google or Wikipedia/Wikia to find accurate online content, Yelp to find restaurants, and Travelocity to book flights. Your potential customers are now looking for similar “cheap and cheerful” products in a violent revolt against the years of oppression by the likes of SAP and Oracle.

Products will now see rapid adoption by virtue of being intuitive, aesthetically appealing, and dynamic as opposed to deep and complex. Customers no longer require you to capture every use case or business need in your product, and they’re willing to forgo considerable flexibility in return for rapid on-boarding, progressive discovery, and context-sensitive help.

Individual employees and mid-level managers can now take out their corporate credit card and expense products, and are becoming direct consumers in the process. The best possible way to land a large enterprise customer is to call up the CIO and say “we’re excited by how much you like our product and were surprised to note that we now have several hundred users of our product within your corporation. We wondered if you were interested in rolling these into an enterprise license with the administrative dashboard, integration to your other systems, coordinated billing and provisioning?” Many Cloud companies are doing this with great success