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After Hurricane Katrina, many families were turned upside down because of a lack of preparation and resources. People stayed uninformed, didn't have the proper supplies, and lacked an easy and efficient way to connect to their families to confirm that they were safe. While working on a project at UC Berkeley, the Life360 founding team realized that technology could have been used to better allow parents to protect their families, specifically by keeping their children safe. Life360 is like the neighbor you would find in a small town, looking out for the safety of you and your children. Life360's mobile apps enable families to see where their loved ones are located and where they have been, be alerted when they need help, identify nearby security threats, and allow for group chat with all family members using the company's cross-platform FamilyChannel. Life360 effectively creates a private family communication channel that allows real-time check-ins with the tap of a button. For example, instead of a parent needing to call her children to ask where they are, the parent can request periodic electronic check-ins.