Glint Joins Forces with LinkedIn, Congratulations!

October 9, 2018
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Glint has developed a real-time pulse survey and analytics platform that enables companies to increase employee engagement and improve business performance.

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Looking Back at our 2016 Internal Memo on Glint



We first met Jim Barnett and Goutham Kurra, Glint’s co-founders, nearly two years ago, and were inspired by their vision to make people happier and more successful at work. Today, we could not be prouder of what these two leaders and their team have accomplished, and we’re excited for the road ahead for Glint, now as part of LinkedIn.

In true Bessemer fashion, we thought it would be worthwhile to look back at what we actually wrote in the investment memo recommending funding Glint, and a few things stood out:


Ten years ago, there was a wave of Human Capital Management (HCM) companies that moved into the cloud and had successful exits - Cornerstone (CSOD), Taleo (acquired by Oracle), and SuccessFactors (acquired by SAP). With the last generation primarily acquired up, this created an innovation gap and opportunity for a new wave of HCM players to emerge. These next-generation HCM companies focused on building software for employees bottom up rather than management and real-time actionable feedback. We spent time studying the next-generation of HCM companies, and it became clear Glint was the emerging enterprise leader:


Original excerpt from our 2016 Internal Memo for Glint 

#2 STRATEGIC ENTRY POINT TO MASSIVE MARKET: The next-generation HCM space was extremely noisy with dozens of other companies; however, Glint stood out by having a smart entry strategy in the engagement market, combined with a holistic product strategy to win the broader HCM market. After studying the many players, we became convinced the engagement market was sizeable and ripe for disruption. But even more importantly, Glint’s lead in the engagement market paved the way to adjacent markets such a performance, talent and learning. Within two years of our initial investment, Glint’s revenue grew 10x by following this strategy.


Original excerpt from our 2016 Internal Memo for Glint

#3 SEASONED, MISSION-DRIVEN TEAM: Neither #1 or #2 mattered if we didn’t believe the team could execute. We spent a lot of time with Jim and Goutham and found both to be strong, seasoned entrepreneurs who were hungry and passionate about this mission-driven product. This was Jim’s 4th CEO role across 20+ years of experience, so we knew he was extremely capable of building high-performing teams.

Jim Barnett, co-founder of Glint

#4 STELLAR PRODUCT THAT CUSTOMERS LOVE: Glint was consistently recognized as having the best product on the market. No matter the end user – Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs) to CEOs – Glint had a focus on user experience and data analysis that delighted customers. For most of their enterprise customers, Glint replaced traditional consulting firms which delivered a database of survey results and a static summary report. With Glint, HRBPs were no longer forced to spend their time sifting through comments and large databases. Glint used NLP to analyze comments and bring out key employee insights so HRBPs could shift from menial analytical work to more effective consultative work.

Original excerpt from our 2016 Internal Memo for Glint

We’re honored Glint invited us along for this ride and can’t wait to see where they go next with LinkedIn! Congratulations again to the Glint team — you’ve earned it!


Kristina Shen (Board Member), Byron Deeter, and Ben Mathews