New Whitepaper Released: “30 Q&A that Every SaaS Revenue Leader Needs to Know”

September 20, 2013
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In 2009, Bessemer wrote the ground rules for every cloud-based business with the game-changing white paper, “Bessemer’s Top 10 Laws of Cloud Computing and SaaS.”  Now four years later, Bessemer continues its leadership as cloud and subscription-based businesses have crossed the chasm and moved into the mainstream.

Bessemer’s “30 Questions and Answers that Every SaaS Revenue Leader Needs to Know” provides the blueprint for every entrepreneur who is designing a hyper-efficient sales engine, every high velocity front office that’s in need of a tune-up and every legacy software license business that’s increasingly challenged by the shift to the cloud.

A no-nonsense guide to practical decision-making and operational benchmarks,  written by hands-on operators with world-class experience: Jeff Epstein, former CFO of Oracle, and John Golob, a six-time sales and marketing start-up veteran.

Here, Bessemer’s report confirms the three key functions of the front office are merging into a single revenue engine, from demand generation, to new business sales and customer success which drives renewals.

The old model of a VP of Sales, VP of Marketing and VP of Support working in organizational silos and integrated only by their CRM system is overturned.  Now, it’s about all three functions merging under the leadership of the Chief Revenue Officer, with as much focus on customer success and renewals as new business sales.

For instance, quotas “aren’t just for sales reps anymore.”  Now, marketers are held accountable for lead quotas and customer success reps must meet renewal revenue quotas.

Bessemer’s research answers such pressing questions such as:

  • How should I staff my front-office functions, from demand generation and new business to renewals?
  • How much should I pay them?...and on what should I base their compensation?
  • What’s the best organizational structure?
  • What are the key metrics for success?

Every type of business can use this insight, from Silicon Valley to the Fortune 500.  It’s a practical “instructional manual” for anyone running a subscription-based business.