Rainforest QA: Combining The Best Of Humans And Machines

February 26, 2016
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Rainforest QA

Rainforest is an API for Quality Assurance (QA)-as-a-Service that automates functional and integration testing using a hybrid of crowsourced humans and automation.

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There is always a debate between human vs machine, and in the case of Rainforest QA we believe the combo of both is stronger than either-or. Rainforest QA is an API for Quality Assurance (QA)-as-a-Service, enabling product managers / QA teams / developers to automate functional and integration testing in the development cycle through a hybrid crowdsourced humans and automation approach.  We’re thrilled to have Rainforest QA join the Bessemer family and to working with the fantastic founders (Fred and Russ) and broader team!

Thanks to continuous integration and agile methodologies, it is not uncommon for development teams to be pushing new features to production several times per day. Given this rapid pace, stuff is breaking all the time. Developers are spending valuable time constantly writing and updating test scripts, an incredibly slow and repetitive process that no developer enjoys doing. AND this pain compounds over time!

As tech enthusiasts, our instinct is to pile on more technology to solve a problem, but our latest developer roadmap investment takes a different tack.  Rainforest QA enables mobile and web app testing through a hybrid human and automated approach that gives customers results on-demand, typically in less than 20 minutes.  With Rainforest, product managers describe in plain English how a feature should work, then Rainforest crowdsources these instructions to dozens or even hundreds of human workers in real time to test that feature.   Their secret sauce is that Rainforest is substituting sophisticated engineering talent with crowds of unspecialized human testers. No longer do developers have to deal with constantly rewriting broken test scripts, and focus on their real job of building great product.  Rainforest QA’s solution has resonated so well with developers that Rainforest has landed marquee customers such as Zenefits, Procore, Betterworks, IBM and Intuit.  

This is truly a massive market - QA is a part of every single company’s product development cycle.  We believe over time that almost every product manager / QA / developer can leverage Rainforest to drive greater efficiencies and ship better products.  We’ve been following the QA space for a long time and are excited to join the Rainforest QA team in their mission to remove QA from the long list of things that distract the modern software company.