Allison Pickens


Allison Pickens is an executive-in-residence at Bessemer in the San Francisco office. She is chief operating officer at Gainsight. She also serves as a board director at Rainforest QA.

Allison is an internationally known thought leader on customer success and scaling teams during hyper growth. As Gainsight’s COO, she manages corporate strategic planning, M&A, and operational responsibilities that are critical to the company and its customers. Allison was named one of the top 50 people in the sales and business development industry, is an international speaker and blogger, and is the host of The Customer Success Podcast.

Allison started her career in management consulting for Fortune 500 companies while at Boston Consulting Group and later worked in private equity investing at Bain Capital. At both companies, she helped organizations drive change and scale teams. She earned her degree in ethics, politics, and economics from Yale University, as well as an MBA from Stanford University. On weekends you can find Allison geeking out about political-philosophical questions or hiking in the Marin Headlands.