Seed Summit 2021

The roadmaps driving our early stage investing and beyond.

For the fifth year, we are proud to host Seed Summit 2021 to foster our community and connections with early stage investors and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The seed investing ecosystem has grown so dramatically over the past 15 years and that evolution continues to amaze and excite us.

At this year’s summit, we share some of our latest roadmaps and host conversations to explore what’s emerging and driving startup growth across a number of sectors.

The importance of roadmaps

Roadmaps are ongoing deep dives on the technologies and companies that are shaping the future. While we invest across all industries and stages, we use roadmaps as a core mechanism for organizing our thoughts and ideas, building conviction, assembling our internal teams, and ultimately making investments based on our research. In building a roadmap, we attempt to identify where a particular market is headed and what the characteristics of future hyper-growth businesses are likely to be.

Though roadmaps are central to our investment approach, venture capital is inherently an opportunistic industry and one where many of the best opportunities are within novel and non-consensus categories, where the patterns break. As such, we often make investments in companies outside of our existing roadmaps, especially at the earliest stages, with those investments sometimes being the genesis of a new roadmap.

How Bessemer operates differently

Our investment decision-making process is highly decentralized in which each partner has the autonomy and flexibility to invest at any stage, industry, or geography. We strongly believe in independent thinking, conviction-based investing, and in encouraging healthy debate, discussion, and feedback. This allows us to invest in companies in every stage of their growth, from Seed to Growth.

Investors by roadmap areas

Thank you for attending Seed Summit 2021. You can rewatch any of our roadmaps above. And if you're interested in learning more about the areas our investment team are currently focused on, you can explore the directory below.

Get in touch

If you’d like to work with Bessemer, get in touch with our Early Stage Program by reaching out to Carolina Küng at ckung@bvp.com.