To the next century.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with category-defining companies and many that we hope will define the next century of how we live, work, and do business.

Our growth fund

Our $525 million dollar fund is specifically designed to invest in the companies that will define the next century both from within our portfolio and new investments. This fund, combined with our core fund brings our total assets under management to over $6 billion and will allow us to more fully support growth-stage companies that demonstrate standout product-market fit, scalability, and executive leadership.

Strong foundations. Lasting impact.

We relentlessly focus on supporting exceptional leaders build and scale their companies. Our growth team brings their collective knowledge derived from our experiences working alongside entrepreneurs and companies over the last half-century.

Our growth team

Our Companies

Our approach

  • Each of our partners has the decision-making autonomy to provide entrepreneurs across the globe with capital and expertise throughout different phases of a company’s journey, which includes their first $1 million or their last $250 million.
  • Our growth team will invest in the next century of market-leading companies that we believe can grow to become sustainable $10 billion businesses.
  • We’ve been part of over 120 IPOs in the last 50 years. We ask the tough questions, make meaningful connections with our extended Bessemer network, and provide these leaders what they need to grow and scale.