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Deep tech companies improve the human experience through novel scientific research and directed commercialization. At Bessemer, we see tremendous opportunity for startups to build billion-dollar businesses from deep tech that runs the gamut from self-driving cars to decarbonization to space colonization. Reflecting on a century of innovation, we know that the best deep tech teams can turn today’s science fiction into tomorrow’s reality. We have set out to define and study the world’s top private deep technology companies with the XB100, the definitive ranking of the world’s top private deep technology companies.

We are not afraid of betting on world class teams of scientists and engineers when the potential rewards justify taking fundamental science risk. In recent years, we’ve invested over $200 million in the Seed to Pre-IPO rounds of emerging climate solutions and other deep tech startups like Rocket Lab, Xanadu, Sila Nanotechnologies, and Halter. Bessemer now has more investors and capital focused on deep tech than ever before. We aim to partner with bold entrepreneurs tackling the greatest challenges facing humanity.

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Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab delivers a range of complete rocket systems and technologies for fast and low-cost payload deployment.

Rocket Lab announced to go public in merger with SPAC Vector Acquisition Corp in March 2021.

Rocket Lab went public in August 2021 (NASDAQ: RKLB).







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