Photo of Richard Becker, Strategic Advisor

Richard Becker

Strategic Advisor


Richard Becker is an accomplished business leader & SaaS executive with over 20 years of experience building analytic, payment, & software businesses.

Currently, Richard is CEO of TeachTown, an educational software provider to schools, clinicians and parents for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, or emotional and behavior disorders. In this role, Richard leads TeachTown's overall business operations and growth strategy.

Prior to TeachTown, Richard was CEO of DIGARC, a software provider offering catalog and curriculum management solutions for the higher education market. In this role, Richard led DIGARC's business transformation, growth strategy, and successful exit to Modern Campus.

Previously, Richard was COO at Stack Sports – a leading provider of sport registration, participant management, financial management, and payment services for athletic organizations. In this role, Richard had global responsibility for sales, marketing, product management, customer success, customer support, and business operations.

Prior to Stack Sports, Richard was President of Target Analytics, a division of Blackbaud (BLKB) – a leading provider of cloud-based digital marketing, CRM, financial management, payment services, and business intelligence solutions. In this role, Richard held global P&L responsibility for Target Analytics, with accountability for sales, marketing, predictive science, statistical analysis, technology, R&D, operations, consulting, customer support, product management, and business strategy.