Why we launched Bessemer's Growth practice

Partnering with the technology companies that will define the next century

Last October we announced BVP X, our $1.85 billion tenth fund. Given the evolving venture landscape, companies today have more opportunity than ever and require more growth-stage capital and company-building support as they make the critical transition from an early-stage to a category-defining company. As a result, today, we’re announcing a $525 million dollar fund specifically designed to invest in the companies that will define the next century both from within our portfolio and new investments. This new fund, combined with our core fund brings our total assets under management to over $6 billion and will allow us to more fully support growth-stage companies that demonstrate standout product-market fit, scalability, and executive leadership.

Since the formation of our fund nearly a century ago, our partners have invested across the company lifecycle -- from seed through growth-stage. Most recently, on the growth side in the past year alone, we have invested in Auth0, ACV Auctions, BigID, DriveNets, HashiCorp, nCino, Procore, Toast, and Vlocity. Some of those growth investments were in companies we started supporting years before at an early stage, while others were new relationships forged at the growth stage. Each of our partners now has the decision-making autonomy to support founders with their first $1 million or their last $250 million check.

Bessemer has been and will continue to be active partners throughout the entire lifecycle of our companies. We understand building a category-defining business takes an all hands on deck approach day in and day out. As a result, we will draw on our network of world-class experts and support our founders and their teams with executive talent acquisition, customer introductions, and IPO success. We have been fortunate to counsel over 120 companies through an IPO. Our partners are focused on helping the next generation of category-defining companies through the unique challenges and risks they will face as they grow from tens of millions in revenue to IPO.

Here’s to the next century. Forge ahead.