Powering the AI data workflow with Voxel51

Bessemer Venture Partners leads Voxel51’s $30 million Series B, building the orchestration layer for visual data and AI models.

AI has a data management problem: enterprise-grade AI models are increasingly built atop large troves of raw data – images, videos, text, multi-modal – yet powering these models at scale often requires complex, manual workflows to clean and deploy data. That’s where Voxel51 comes in. Voxel51 is tackling a critical piece of AI infrastructure – the data workflow. Its platform provides an orchestration layer to help machine learning teams centralize, manage, and prepare the large volumes of data required to build AI applications. Already, scores of open-source developers and enterprise teams focused on deploying computer vision-based applications have adopted Voxel51 as their orchestration platform of choice, and it’s only the beginning.

We are excited to partner with Voxel51 co-founders Brian Moore and Jason Corso and the broader team on their next phase of growth.

Voxel51’s platform ingests annotated data such as images, videos, text and more from computer vision sources like autonomous vehicles, quality assurance cameras, medical scans, and more. It then allows AI/ML teams to collaboratively prepare that data for use through auto-curation, visualization, cleaning and versioning. Once ready, AI/ML teams can seamlessly move finalized data to model training and deployment. 

As companies move to productize AI across industries, we see an immense opportunity in platforms that streamline AI/ML workflows and replace painful manual processes. We at Bessemer believe solutions like Voxel51 that aggregate workflows and abstract away complexities will become essential infrastructure for any enterprise looking to embrace and leverage AI. We've been impressed by the entire team and their elegant and differentiated solution as a true orchestration layer for customers to build both AI-forward and AI-native applications, faster and more easily.

We were especially impressed that Voxel51 manages all visual data workflows in one place, has meaningful traction with enterprise customers, and has open-source roots and clear customer love. These ingredients suggest the beginning of a robust data ecosystem around the platform. We’re also optimistic about Voxel51's potential to expand beyond computer vision, centralizing all types of data for enterprise ML teams and becoming a comprehensive data orchestration layer for the AI era. We look forward to partnering with the team as they define the emerging AI data workflow category and help enterprises across all industries efficiently integrate AI into their products and services.