The Quantum Fellows Program

Discussing the future of Quantum Information

The world is gradually approaching the age of Quantum Information, where transformative quantum-based technology will radically change the way we think about complex computational problems. It’s still early days in the quantum industry, but leading organizations are already exploring sophisticated ways to leverage quantum computing in fields such as logistics, optimization, chemistry, molecular biology, advanced materials and others.

Bessemer Venture Partners is proud to work alongside a panel of distinguished thought leaders in the Quantum Information industry in order to understand the challenges and identify the leading solutions and technologies in the field. Our fellows represent future-thinking organizations that are already exploring various business applications for this frontier technology, and we are proud to bring them together twice a year to exchange notes on this evolving industry, share best practices and discuss the future of Quantum Information.

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Quantum Fellows

Members of the Bessemer Quantum Fellows program include:

Diego Chowell

Mount Sinai – Assistant Professor

Gabriele Compostella

Volkswagen – Quantum Computing Lead

Dr. Stefan A. Deutscher

Boston Consulting Group – Partner & Associate Director for Cybersecurity and IT

Leela Dodda

Nimbus Therapeutics – Associate Director, Computational Chemistry

Florian Dommert

TRUMPF Machine Tools SE + Co. KG – Quantum Computing Software Engineer

Hani Elshahawi

NoviDigiTech – Managing Director

Matthew Foster

Amgen – Director, Technology Strategy and Innovation

Brad Kim

Posco Holdings – VP of Research

Dr. Matthew Langione

Boston Consulting Group – Partner

Nicholas Lee

Fujitsu – Vice-Head of Solution Innovation & Consulting

Brian S. Martin

AbbVie – Head of AI in R&D Information Research

Vassilios Pantazopoulos

Pfizer – Head, Scientific Computing & HPC

Ian Pepper

Novartis – Director of Technology Innovation

Shreyas Ramesh

Accenture – Global Lead – Quantum Systems Integration

Marko Rancic

Total Energies – Head of Quantum Computing

June-Koo Kevin Rhee

Qunova Computing – Co-Founder

Sam Stanwyck

NVIDIA – Group Product Manager for Quantum Computing

Troels Steenstrup

KPMG – Director, Head of ML and Quantum Technologies

Hal Stern

Johnson & Johnson – VP & CIO, R&D

Dimitar Trenev

Exxon Mobil – Advanced Scientific Associate, Quantum Program Lead

Marielle van de Pol

Roche – Executive Director of Scientific Solution Engineering & Architecture

Wim Verleyen

Raytheon – Head of AI/ML Innovation Team

Ross Walker

RCW Consulting – Founder

Team Insights

headshot of man

David Cowan

“Quantum Computing up-ends what we thought to be fundamental principles of computer science, promising to execute entirely new classes of algorithms beyond the practical capabilities of conventional computers. In the coming decades, QC will solve currently intractable problems in logistics, chemistry, drug development, materials science, cryptography, human cognition and more.”


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Ray Johnson

“Global investments in quantum computing have risen dramatically in the past few years leading to significant breakthroughs in physics and engineering. While there are still a number of engineering challenges to tackle, we expect to see these breakthroughs turn into exciting commercial opportunities in the near term.”

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Christopher Wan

“Quantum computing is a paradigm shift in how we think about and tackle computational complexity. As the QC stack matures, it will bring about a sea change of innovation and enable humanity to tackle some of the hardest problems our species currently face.”