Photo of Andy Geisse, Operating Partner

Andy Geisse

Operating Partner


Andy Geisse has more than 35 years of experience as a technology and operational executive. As a former CEO and CIO, he's an expert in categories such as platform technology, data-as-a-service, cybersecurity, and software development. As well, he continues to help businesses build customer-centric organizations and strategize for sales, marketing, M&A, and wireless technology development and operations.

Andy was CEO of ATT’s B2B group with over $71 billion in revenue and 60,000 employees. In that role, Andy oversaw and led various groups including Enterprise, SMB, Government, Wholesale, Cloud, Managed Services, Cybersecurity, Unified Communications-as-a-Service, WiFI Group and related technologies business groups.

Andy has been a CEO of two wireless technology startups in Chile where he grew the initial company from $15 million in revenue to $200 million through a combination of M&A activity and scaling sales and distribution.