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Dr. Tina Seelig, Stanford professor and entrepreneur

A Stanford professor's masterclass on rewriting your failures

  • Tina Seelig

For most, there’s no such thing as a conventional entrepreneurial journey: And Tina Seelig is no exception. From working in neuroscience, to writing seventeen books, to launching her own small business ventures, Tina has done it all. And today, as a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, she’s teaching her students about one very important topic: What she wish she knew on her own business journey.

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How Walt Disney’s protege disrupted entertainment

How Walt Disney’s protege disrupted entertainment

  • Jeffrey Katzenberg, WndrCo
  • Sujay Jaswa, WndrCo

At Disney, Jeffrey Katzenberg learned how to tell amazing stories, and ultimately, to dream big. On this show, you’ll learn what happens when his limitless dreams didn’t go as planned, with the rise — and very public fall — of his multi-billion-dollar entertainment venture, Quibi. And he’s joined by his right-hand man, Sujay Jaswa, the former CFO of Dropbox, who will talk about the latest with their venture capital firm, WndrCo.

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