Anaqua joins forces with Astorg

Bessemer Venture Partners invested in Anaqua at the growth stage back in 2013. After years of organic sales and a successful acquisition strategy, the leading provider of intellectual property (IP) management solutions has joined forces with Astorg, a European private equity firm.

We were first motivated to invest in IP and patent management technology because it’s not just a best practice for enterprises that have thousands, if not, tens of thousands of assets to manage-at-scale. It’s also a strategic advantage.

The shift in U.S. law from ‘first to invent’ to ‘first to file’ has made it even more important for companies to be proactive and systematic when it comes to managing their IP.   

Anaqua’s recent product innovations, such as the AQX platform, provides customers including Sony Corporation, Western Digital, and McDonald’s with a simplified user interface, data-rich analytics and business intelligence tools, and end-to-end financial management capabilities. We look forward to seeing how Astorg’s new partnership will continue to drive Anaqua’s market leadership.

As intellectual property increasingly drives the value of modern enterprises, Anaqua’s ability to catalog, analyze, and optimize IP is foundational for companies that want to compete in today’s global economy.

The sale of Anaqua marks another successful exit for Bessemer’s ever-growing vertical SaaS portfolio. Since 2017, Bessemer has one of the largest vertical software portfolios in the venture business with more than 30 investments across education, real estate, construction, healthcare, and legal technology, which includes companies such as Disco and Clio.

We continue to see that there’s plenty of opportunity for a new generation of leaders to build and grow cloud entrants across the largest industries in the world.