Bessemer Venture Partners promotes Sofia Guerra to Vice President

A former chemist and consultant, Sofia brings scientific rigor to her research and investments in healthcare and life sciences technology.

At Bessemer Venture Partners, curiosity is a core value on our team and the driving inspiration behind investing in emerging technologies and backing the founders forging the future. In this spirit, Bessemer is thrilled to celebrate Sofia Guerra’s many contributions to the health tech startup ecosystem with her promotion to Vice President. Since joining the firm in 2021, Sofia has applied her deep industry knowledge base and analytical rigor to invest in and support companies at the intersection of healthcare, life sciences, and software across all stages. 

After developing theses in healthcare payments and specialty pharmacy software, Sofia sourced and spearheaded investments in SmarterDx, Mural Health, and HouseRx. She’s advised founders on finance and operations, guiding decisions on capital allocation and setting performance targets. Sofia also serves as a board observer for Oshi Health, Rupa Health, US Health Partners, Qventus, AspenRx, and Groups Recover Together. She also invested in and supports Turquoise Health.

“Sofia has quickly earned the hearts and minds of founders, investors, and industry leaders through her deep understanding of healthcare business models and markets, as well as her immense curiosity, and tireless work ethic on behalf of portfolio companies,” shares Steve Kraus, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Her research on building and scaling health tech businesses has had a palpable impact on our healthcare practice, our portfolio companies, and the industry broadly. Sofia’s thought leadership has made her the go-to resource for measuring business performance for emerging and high-growth health tech businesses.”

Alongside Kraus, Sofia studied 100+ venture-backed health tech companies and published the results in Atlas articles including How to scale health tech businesses to $100 million ARR and beyond, Benchmarks for growing health tech businesses, and The ABCs of health tech: key metrics to know and grow your business. 

She also contributed to the firm’s annual healthcare and life sciences predictions in 2022 and 2023.

“Building in healthcare is not for the faint of heart — it requires extensive industry expertise, and most importantly, resilience and patience.” shares Sofia. “I believe entrepreneurship and technology enable mission-driven founders to create enduring health tech businesses that align incentives, challenge the status quo, and tremendously impact patients' lives.”

That sense of resilience is personal to Sofia: when she was 17, Sofia left her home in Guatemala to finish her last two years of high school on a merit scholarship in Singapore, an opportunity that changed her life trajectory. She loves working closely with outsider and underdog founders who channel their grit into ambition.

Sofia began her career as a consultant at Bain and Company before pursuing venture capital at Rough Draft Ventures and BoxGroup. A proud advocate for women in science, Sofia studied chemistry at Harvard University, where she graduated with high honors. She also earned an MBA at Harvard Business School. Sofia is a co-founder and board director of Nucleate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of biotech leaders. Outside of work, she’s an avid traveler, reggaeton dancer, and board gamer. 

As a vice president, Sofia will continue to partner with and learn from best-in-class companies across the firm’s roadmaps on the digitization and automation of healthcare workflows, healthcare fintech, value-based care enablement, and pharmaceutical and life sciences software.

To get to know Sofia more and what she's working on, learn more and follow her @SofiaGuerraR.