Making the daily commute more convenient for every employee: Why we invested in MoveInSync

Bessemer leads MoveInSync’s Series C fundraise.

If you ask employees about their favorite part of the work day, it’s unlikely you’ll hear them mention their commute. Getting to work can be stressful in itself, especially in densely populated cities and metropolitan areas. It’s a problem area that’s ripe for innovation—luckily, the team at MoveInSync is working hard to solve it. MoveInSync is a full-stack mobility platform that helps employers get their workforces to the office with efficiency and ease. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives employees peace of mind with notifications, real-time updates, and safety features on their rides to work. 

MoveInSync not only enhances employees’ commute experience, but also helps enterprise customers make employee transport a no-brainer with smart software and superior customer service. Before MoveInSync, companies needed large teams to manage fleet aggregators on the phone and coordinate employee travel routes on multiple spreadsheets. With MoveInSync's efficient routing algorithms, employers can optimize travel routes, transparently select and allocate vendors, enhance fleet utilization, and save money in the process. 

Thousands of fleet aggregators and drivers also prefer to partner with MoveInSync for its straightforward technology, pricing, billing, and payments.

Today, MoveInSync has two primary offerings:

  • MoveInSync Ion, a SaaS product for efficient transit routing and automated route allocation, reporting, billing, ride tracking, drop validation, interactive voice response (IVR) calls, geofencing, and compliance. The software replaces Excel spreadsheets and phone calls, reduces missed pickups, and empowers teams managing the transportation desk.
  • MoveInSync One is the company’s marketplace offering on top of its other software, connecting enterprise users with fleet operators to deliver a mix of cabs, electric vehicles (EVs), shuttles, and buses, all with vetted drivers and a hub for payment and billing ops. One isn’t just a platform for logistics and transactions—it optimizes fleet spending, saving customers significant transport costs. Typically, enterprises start with Ion and then transition to One, outsourcing their transport management for employees to MoveInSync.

As we’ve written in our B2B marketplaces in India roadmap, we have conviction in tech-enabled, full-stack online marketplaces in specialized verticals—and MoveInSync is just that. Customers we spoke to immensely value MoveInSync for its deep experience with employee commutes, making it challenging to opt instead for an in-house team or alternative solutions. The company works with over 200 enterprises in India (including 65 companies on the Fortune 500 list), including Facebook, Amazon, Google, Deutsche Bank, Dell, Adobe, JP Morgan, Infosys, and Syngene, among others. Secular trends like post-COVID return-to-office plans, employee safety, transparent vendor selection, customer-centricity, and EV adoption are tailwinds to wider adoption of MoveInSync. 

We are excited to welcome Deepesh and Akash into the Bessemer community as they pioneer the technological revolution in the office commute.