Photo of Lance Co Ting Keh, Operating Advisor

Lance Co Ting Keh

Operating Advisor


Lance is an operating advisor specializing in applied AI. He led engineering for two teams at Google X innovating on AI drug discovery and computer vision for food recovery. Prior to that, he was the second engineer to join Cresta, now a unicorn startup, building language models for contact centers. He helped start the machine learning team at Box long before the recent surge in deep learning.

Previously, he bootstrapped Shared Roof Investments, a real estate company that values homes based on predicted prices and co-founded a sports analytics shop. He is currently building a company in the subscription management and optimization space. 

Lance received both his master's and bachelor's degrees from Duke University, focusing on Computer Science (CS) and Electrical Engineering (EE). He dropped out of a second master's program in Applied Mathematics (ICME) at Stanford. He loves playing sports and is thoroughly enjoying early fatherhood. Convinced that his best athletic days are still ahead, he promises to one day complete another Ironman.