Seed investor’s guide to Bessemer

All you need to know about the roadmaps, research, and teams driving Bessemer’s early stage investments.

At Bessemer, we’ve been privileged to learn, grow, and back audacious founders alongside top early stage investors. We’re grateful for the connections we continue to foster with the seed ecosystem as these investors play a foundational role in building tomorrow’s enduring businesses.

If you’re an early stage investor, use this page as a go-to resource so you can learn more about how to best work with Bessemer, our roadmaps and investors, and recommended reading.

How Bessemer operates differently

At Bessemer, we strongly believe in independent thinking, conviction-based investing, and encourage intellectual honesty and feedback. Our investment decision-making process is highly decentralized—each partner has the autonomy and flexibility to invest at any stage, industry, or geography. 

To catch up on what we presented at Seed Summit 2022, watch our presentations.

Investors by roadmap areas

Roadmaps are ongoing deep dives on the technologies and companies that are shaping the future. While we invest across all industries and stages, we use roadmaps as a core mechanism for organizing our thoughts and ideas, building conviction, assembling our internal teams, and ultimately making investments based on our research. If you’re looking to partner on a deal, connect directly with the Partner in the related roadmap of a business. 

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AI generation  

Climate Tech 





Product led growth

Scaling benchmarks 

Vertical SaaS