2021 Year in Review

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To our founders, leaders, and friends

As we navigate another year of immense change together, 2021 has shown us how uncertainty and progress can co-exist. This past year has shined a spotlight on radically different ways of how we connect with one another, control our health decisions, purchase goods, and even travel to space. We’re humbled and inspired to be part of our founders’ stories and reflect on a momentous year for our companies.

Looking back at 2021

Three new funds. We closed our global $2.475 billion BVP XI fund focused on early-stage companies, a $825 million Century II fund designed for growth-stage companies, and our first dedicated $220 million India fund to back the next generation of innovators in the country.

A new endeavor. We extended our reach with the debut of BVP Forge, a growth buyout platform to support companies that don’t fit the traditional venture model, led by our newest partner Rob Arditi

A growing partnership. We expanded our leadership team with the promotion of five new partners – Mary D’Onofrio, Michael Droesch, Tess Hatch, Andrew Hedin, and Anant Vidur Puri – and brought on our partner Rob Arditi and first-ever CMO Shannon Brayton. We also welcomed our first investors on the ground in the UK.


Highlights and news from a few of our companies

Atlas offers perspectives and venture insights that matter to founders and builders in the tech ecosystem.


Our investors share their deep thinking and roadmaps derived from what they’ve learned working alongside leaders and category-defining companies.

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Consumer distribution: The next era of Internet giants is on the horizon — Partner Talia Goldberg explains the two necessary ingredients for growing these businesses to massive scale.
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Deep tech: Partners David Cowan and Tess Hatch explain how they invest in companies to advance the fields of Aerospace, Quantum Computing and Sustainable Agriculture.
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Supply chain software: Partner Mike Droesch discusses how supply chain digitization is enabling a new wave of data infrastructure, workflow automation, and collaboration platforms.
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Drugs in a virtual world: Partner Andrew Hedin shares how an emerging class of startups now has the opportunity to revamp clinical trials as digitization becomes an urgent priority within the pharma industry.
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Cyber security: Partners Alex Ferrara and Amit Karp dive into the three key investment areas they recognize within the ever-evolving cybersecurity market.
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Data infrastructure: The modern cloud data stack is undergoing massive construction. Partner Ethan Kurzweil explores how the future of software will be defined by the accessibility and use of data.

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Atlas offers perspectives and venture insights that matter to founders and builders in the tech ecosystem.

To a brighter 2022

We’re honored to be a small part of your journey. We’re inspired by your resilience and the progress you’re making to build a better future.

Forge ahead.