2023 Year in Review

To our founders, leaders, partners, & friends,

Innovation happens slowly, and then all at once. But great transformation is never without a strong foundation of patience, fortitude, and audacious optimism.

2023 was the year we crossed The Rubicon of Artificial Intelligence. 2023 was the year we supported teams through tough economic times and weathered a year of global tumult. And 2023 was the year we also learned that community is necessary for progress.

Looking forward, we’re excited to continue to back founders who demonstrate resilience and determination to build, sustain, and grow their businesses through market cycles and technological paradigm shifts.

Forge ahead.

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Crossing the Rubicon

Our $1 billion commitment

With Artificial Intelligence, there has never been a better time for small, ambitious founding teams to positively transform life as we know it. Read our announcement.

Expanding globally

Since our first European investment in 2004, half of our investment partners have backed companies in the region. This year, we were excited to announce the growth of our London office and team. We’ll continue to pursue investments in our core roadmap areas in continental Europe, covering everything from cloud and fintech to cybersecurity and AI. Read our announcement.

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Must-read insights


Our deep thinking on a few emerging investment roadmaps.

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Health Tech
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Fintech Fraud
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Climate Software
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Seed Summit 2023

This year’s annual Seed Summit in San Francisco brought together the early stage investing community for a day of thoughtful discussions and connections.

From our community and experts

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