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Artificial intelligence is here. From new model architectures to specialized hardware with vast computing power to advanced machine learning techniques. There has never been a better time for small, ambitious teams to positively transform life as we know it. Our goal is to support the entrepreneurs at the forefront of this era with a commitment of $1 billion in capital as they build AI-native companies.

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Advances in biology and medicine over the last decade have given us some of the most transformative medicines to date. The greatest entrepreneurial opportunities live across the clinical trials value chain and an emerging class of startups now has the opportunity to revamp clinical trials as digitization becomes an urgent priority within the pharmaceutical industry.

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We have one of the largest cloud portfolios in venture capital, and for the past two decades we’ve invested in the emerging technology, business models, and founders of the cloud that have gone on to revolutionize both horizontal and vertical industries. Check out our Cloud Index, Cloud 100, and Scaling to $100M.

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At Bessemer, we believe the future is built by creators, curators, community leaders, and co-owners. As commerce and communities transform on and off line, new distribution channels are emerging and our world is changing how we all connect, shop, and play. We back audacious founders, across internet marketplaces, gaming, creator tools, and more, enabling and empowering today’s hybrid reality.

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We’re now in the early innings of the next shift: a new iteration and ecosystem of the web built on blockchain technology with several decades of transformation ahead of it. With $250 million in dedicated funding, we’re excited to invest and support the audacious founders and teams building the decentralized future with a focus on consumer applications, DeFi, web3 infrastructure, and enabling technology

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Cybersecurity is finally taking its rightful place at the center stage of the global business and geopolitical landscape. Just a few short years since data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA came into play, the international community has seen some of the most high profile attacks make their mark in the media and the boardroom. The emergence of new categories, the quick pace of change, and CISOs’ increased willingness to purchase security from startups, makes it more feasible than ever for a tiny startup to scale into a new cyber giant.

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Deep Tech

Deep tech companies improve the human experience through novel scientific research and directed commercialization. At Bessemer, we see tremendous opportunity for startups to build billion-dollar businesses from deep tech that runs the gamut from self-driving cars to decarbonization to space colonization. Reflecting on a century of innovation, we know that the best deep tech teams can turn today’s science fiction into tomorrow’s reality.

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At Bessemer, our two roadmaps — Developer Platforms and Open Source Software — have driven a number of investments within the data infrastructure world. Just as we have seen the developer economy take center stage and transform the way businesses operate with cloud-enabled technologies and even empower non-developers to extend their capabilities, we believe the technology underpinning data is undergoing a similar type of evolution. The modern cloud data stack is undergoing massive construction and the future of software will be defined by the accessibility and use of data.

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Over the past few decades of investing in fintech, we have identified five massive waves that drove over 50 investments supporting and disrupting financial services—including companies like Alloy, Mambu, and Truebill, which transformed consumer, enterprise, and embedded fintech. Each of these five waves contains powerful lessons that will help today’s builders more easily spot the next swells of opportunity ahead. And arguably, the financial services industry still holds the most opportunity for disruption since it is the world’s largest economic sector.

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Health tech is fast approaching its teenage years. The cottage industry that commanded about $1 billion of venture capital funding in 2011 raised nearly 30 times more in 2021. With this milestone, we recommit to what matters most: building enduring and equitable healthcare solutions that improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs for the system, and enhance the experiences of our healthcare workers.

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Historically, digitally-savvy entrepreneurs have given more attention to B2C commerce than to B2B commerce—and we don’t blame them. B2C spend is more top-of-mind, and as consumers we benefit from companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Stripe every day. But B2B markets are many times bigger than B2C markets (annual global B2B spend is more than $100 trillion), and they’re much more offline. We’re at the dawn of a renaissance in B2B commerce. We’re seeing a new generation of founders who are using new technologies and business models to bring B2B spend online.

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Vertical Software

What we came to learn through investments like Shopify, Procore, Toast, ServiceTitan, Mindbody, nCino, Disco, and many others, is that vertical software companies could grow to be much larger than we ever expected. At Bessemer, we are more confident than ever about the continued proliferation of software in every industry, and we look forward to backing the next great vertical software founders.

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