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BVP has been investing in Israel since 1992 and opened an office in Herzliya in 2007. The partners consider companies at many stages, from seed to growth, and across a number of sectors - Software, Internet, Semiconductors, Storage, Communications, and Cleantech.


Why We Invest in Israel

BVP began investing in Israel in 1992, recognizing that innovation knows no borders. Although geographically isolated, Israel’s concentration of engineering and business talent along with a culture valuing education, originality, and enterprise closely resembles that found in Silicon Valley. Far away from the world’s largest markets, Israeli start-ups must be global from inception, making them a good match for global fund like BVP’s. BVP opened an office in Herzliya in 2007 to pursue further deals in the region. The partners consider companies at all stages, from seed to growth, and across a number of sectors: Software, Internet, Semiconductors, Storage, Services, Communications, and Cleantech.


What We Look For in Israel

In our Israel investments, we seek strong entrepreneurs and management teams with a demonstrated ability to lead, execute, and continuously innovate and adapt to market developments. These entrepreneurs and managers form the backbone of any start-up in our portfolio and become our partners in building a successful company.

BVP also aims to tap Israelis’ proven ability to develop disruptive technologies for large, established markets, and their skill at launching innovative product/service concepts aimed at emerging, rapidly growing markets, such as the various Web businesses. Since technology leadership alone rarely ensures success, BVP targets those companies that apply such innovations to deliver a very compelling proposition for customers.

High productivity and efficiency are another hallmark of the Israeli technology start-up industry and can be a source of true competitive advantage. BVP places a premium on those companies that exhibit unique capital efficiencies in their businesses, whether in R&D, marketing, or sales.

Taken together, strong teams, compelling customer propositions and efficient business models lead to superior performance.


Our Contribution

With a track record of more than 100 IPOs and close to 150 M&A transactions, BVP brings value to our portfolio. Investments made in Israeli companies are part of a single, global BVP fund, and enjoy the same resources, expertise, and network connections as the rest of the BVP portfolio. Beyond providing capital, BVP works with entrepreneurs to attract and recruit talent, devise and refine strategy, and provide helpful feedback, information, and contacts.

We are always looking for new ways in which innovation meets market need, so if you are an entrepreneur passionate about changing the world, please drop us an email at

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