Photo of Diya Jolly, Operating Advisor

Diya Jolly

Operating Advisor

Diya Jolly is an operating advisor at Bessemer and the chief product officer at Okta. She has a track record of driving significant business growth across both large and small enterprises and startups. She brings over twenty years of experience in the technology industry building and launching innovative products and creating high-performing teams in product, design, marketing, strategy, and pricing. 

Before joining Okta in 2019, she served as vice president of product at Google and was responsible for YouTube Monetization, the platform that allows creators to make money from their videos. She also led the product management and design teams for Google Home/Nest where she was responsible for launching innovative new offerings such as Google Nest Hub and integrating Nest into Google. 

Prior to Google, Diya was the vice president of products at Freewheel Inc, an early-stage startup powering online video ads for some of the biggest brands in the world. Diya joined Freewheel when they were pre-revenue and was instrumental in scaling the business to tens of millions in revenue and 250 employees. Freewheel Inc., was acquired by Comcast for $320 million in 2014.

Earlier in her career, Diya worked at companies including Microsoft, Motorola, and Mckinsey.

Diya earned her B.S.E. in electrical engineering and B.A. in economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She also earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Diya was recently recognized by Business Insider as one of 100 executives transforming business. She is passionate about paying it forward and devotes significant time coaching and mentoring upcoming leaders from the minority and under-represented communities.