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Cloud stocks fall 26% in 6 weeks - bubble bursting or buying opportunity?

April 2014
Byron Deeter
Download the latest BVP Cloud comps at     The stock markets have been taking a beating lately, with the high growth (and perceived higher risk) technology stocks being hit the hardest.  The 37 pure play public cloud...

BVP welcomes Clio to the portfolio

March 2014
Brian Feinstein
We first met Jack and Rian, the founders of Clio, almost three years ago. We shared the same fundamental belief that law practices would benefit from elegant cloud software to replace the current “Excel and email” workflows. We loved their maniacal focus on...

BVP is Hiring! Seeking a Full-Time Associate in Menlo Park, CA

March 2014
Anna Khan
  Growing the Bessemer Family Everyone knows a VC job is a hard one to come by. I, myself, heard about Bessemer through a friend of a friend of a friend (seriously). That is why I want to take this incredible opportunity and share it with the larger...

Why startup experience Is valuable as a VC

March 2014
Rafi Syed
Before I joined BVP last summer, I spent 2 years at Foursquare. Since I made the jump to venture capital I’m often approached by people who are considering making a move into VC and my response is almost always, “join a high-growth start-up first.” Here’s...

BrightBytes Is Changing The Way K-12 Education Thinks About Data

March 2014
Rob Stavis
 For more than a decade BVP has been investing in education. As we built out our roadmap in the space, we became increasingly aware of a gap in this market for the type of business intelligence software solution that business leaders had been relying on...
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