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From Hacking to Hired: Why orgs want the hacker mentality, what people look for in a hacker, what hackers bring to an org

October 2015
Miia Laukkarinen
Developers who frequent hackathons tend to possess certain valuable traits that hiring companies value highly. While only one team can win a hackathon, just by participating, each team demonstrates a number of attractive attributes that can be difficult to...

From Hacking Life to Hackathon Hacking

September 2015
Umair Akeel
Most Saturdays I ask my kids to help make breakfast. They think I’m just trying to get breakfast on the table, but I’m actually working to encourage experimentation.  Pancakes provide perfect base for kids to “hack” by testing (taste testing!) random...

delighting customers is magic

August 2015
Ethan Kurzweil
18 months ago, I wrote about a new investment I had made in a small company called Intercom: customer loyalty is magic. The premise was that serving customers is the single most important job of any business – and businesses should employ the best, most...

BVP invests in Bastille Networks: First Cybersecurity Company for the Internet of Things

August 2015
Sunil James
“This is exactly the kind of team I’ve dreamt of backing since joining Bessemer.” Those were my closing words during the meeting where we approved our Series A investment in Bastille Networks. Since joining the partnership in July 2014, I’ve been exercising...

Scratch: unbreaking the internet for busy people.

July 2015
Kent Bennett
I hate shopping on the internet. Perhaps an odd thing for an ecommerce investor to admit, but I’m filled with dread when a search for a bathroom light fixture or a new bathing suit returns 10,638 options.  Please don’t ask me how much time I spent...
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