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Developer Love: The Signal for BVP’s investment in Auth0

September 2014
Sunil Nagaraj
Developer love.  Auth0 has it in spades. That’s because Auth0 has tackled a huge pain point for developers.  With just a few lines of code, SaaS vendors and enterprise developers can use Auth0’s Identity-as-a-Service functionality to connect their...

Why the Alibaba IPO Could Help – But Shouldn’t Hurt – the High Growth IPO Market

September 2014
David Erickson
The upcoming Alibaba IPO – and its potential impact on the high growth IPO market for the rest of the year – is high on the radar for private company CEOs who are considering going public in the next 3-4 months. Many of these CEOs are looking to the Facebook...

A Twitch in Time: A Wild Ride from Start to Finish

August 2014
Ethan Kurzweil
Persistence pays. Emmett Shear and his team once again prove that to be true as they celebrate today’s announcement that Amazon has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Twitch. It’s the largest acquisition in Amazon history. As an investor, I can’t think...

Can’t get enough Hightower!

August 2014
Ethan Kurzweil
The best part of my job as a technology investor is watching insanely dedicated and passionate teams build beautiful products that fill a specific need or solve a particular problem and then witnessing those products quickly become the standard - just the way...

Healthcare Boom is Just the Beginning: BVP Predicts Bull Run for HCIT Stocks

July 2014
Stephen Kraus
Summer has only just begun, but the healthcare sector is already red hot. In fact, three events from the past couple of weeks struck me as pretty newsworthy:   First, June 28th marked the two year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s upholding of the...
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