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"Demystify the IPO Process"—Questions to Ask at the "Bake-Off"

December 2014
David Erickson
The IPO is a significant milestone in a company's life cycle. For many private company founders, CEOs and CFOs, the IPO process can last to as long as six months. When a company's management (and backers) is making decisions on which banking firms to lead its...

Disco: Maximizing Lawyers through Technology

November 2014
Josh Harder
Today, we are excited to welcome Disco—a legal e-discovery firm—to the BVP funded family. One of BVP’s key investment criteria for vertical software is to back entrepreneurs that combine a deep understanding of their core market with a strong technological...

Xtime: The 'Nitty Gritty' of Hitting it Big in Industry Cloud

November 2014
Kent Bennett
Last week, Cox Automotive announced the $325 million acquisition of BVP portfolio company Xtime. We’d like to congratulate the team on their heroic effort building this 14-year “overnight success”. Despite the fact that many of you used Xtime this year to...

Raise: Building a Marketplace for Gift Cards

November 2014
Jeremy Levine
It might not seem an obvious pick, but Rafi and I think Raise—a vertical marketplace for buying and selling gift cards and store credits—is one of the most exciting Internet companies to launch in the last few years. Importantly, the CEO is exactly the type...

Rockin' Health IT

November 2014
Ambar Bhattacharyya
BVP has been an active investor in the healthcare IT sector for over thirty years. But never before has the level of innovation been as great as it is today. As Health and Human Services CTO Bryan Sivak said earlier this year, “We’ve seen more health care...
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