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Scratch: unbreaking the internet for busy people.

July 2015
Kent Bennett
I hate shopping on the internet. Perhaps an odd thing for an ecommerce investor to admit, but I’m filled with dread when a search for a bathroom light fixture or a new bathing suit returns 10,638 options.  Please don’t ask me how much time I spent...

Spire: Using the power of pulses

June 2015
Sunil Nagaraj
When Russia launched Sputnik in 1957, its rhythmic beeping could be heard by anyone with an amateur radio. Earthbound engineers tracked its progress through orbit by triangulating the sound of the pulse from several locations. Although this technology was...

The Imitation Game (or, Why I Invested in Distil Networks)

June 2015
David Cowan
In 1950, the journal Mind published Alan Turing’s seminal paper, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, in which he proposed a behavioral definition of artificial intelligence. After all, if a machine can demonstrate intelligence, how can it not be said to...

The State of the Cloud - 2015

June 2015
Byron Deeter
Two weeks ago, we gathered 100 of the top Cloud CEOs who are defining the future of cloud computing at the Cloud CEO Summit jointly hosted by Bessemer Venture Partners and Salesforce Ventures. As we have done in prior years in private settings with our cloud...

Cloud & Mobile goes Trade Friendly

June 2015
Kristina Shen
You know software is really taking over when plumbers and electricians are running their businesses in the cloud. While residential home service software may not be the sexiest industry, it is a massive multi-billion dollar market that is growing quickly and...
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