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Bringing Internet Scale & Community to the World of Algorithmic Trading

October 2014
Rob Stavis
The alternative asset space is a category ripe for disruption.  The combined power of rich software development platforms, Internet scale, and meritocracy can expand the opportunity to create trading strategies that offer low correlations and high risk-...

Investing in the Healthcare Holy Grail

October 2014
Stephen Kraus
Encouraging consumers to take responsibility for their personal wellness has long been the holy grail of healthcare.   Disease management (DM) was all the rage in the 1990s and early 2000s, with bellwether companies like Health Dialog and Healthways...

Customer Success = Company Success

October 2014
Byron Deeter
On behalf of the entire cloud team at Bessemer Venture Partners, we are thrilled to be joining the team at Gainsight as investors!  Since the very first publication of Bessemer’s 10 Laws of Cloud Computing, one thing has been very clear and we say it...

Developer Love: The Signal for BVP’s investment in Auth0

September 2014
Sunil Nagaraj
Developer love.  Auth0 has it in spades. That’s because Auth0 has tackled a huge pain point for developers.  With just a few lines of code, SaaS vendors and enterprise developers can use Auth0’s Identity-as-a-Service functionality to connect their...

Why the Alibaba IPO Could Help – But Shouldn’t Hurt – the High Growth IPO Market

September 2014
David Erickson
The upcoming Alibaba IPO – and its potential impact on the high growth IPO market for the rest of the year – is high on the radar for private company CEOs who are considering going public in the next 3-4 months. Many of these CEOs are looking to the Facebook...
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