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Helps businesses outsource repetitive tasks to the cloud, providing access to the labor source and back-end quality control. CrowdFlower is the leading enterprise crowdsourcing platform, offering quality-ensured crowdsourcing at unprecedented scale. The company solves problems ranging from product categorization to business lead verification to content creation. Their world-class client roster enjoys increased flexibility, faster turnaround time, and cost savings. Beginning in 2007, the company's team of crowdsourcing experts set out with the mission to bring crowdsourcing from a novelty movement to an enterprise-ready solution that would create a new paradigm for work. They have since pioneered developments in scalability, quality assurance, and workflow management that now power the world's largest enterprise crowdsourcing platform. Clients such as eBay, Microsoft, and AT&T attest to the remarkable efficiencies and improvements that CrowdFlower's offering has brought to the enterprise. INTERVIEW WITH CROWDFLOWER FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN LUKAS BIEWALD: