BladeLogic (acq. by BMC)
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BladeLogic (acq. by BMC)

BladeLogic, Inc. provides data center automation software to enterprises, service providers, government agencies, and other organizations in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company’s products and services enable organizations to address the lifecycle of data center management using an integrated solution for provisioning, change, administration, and compliance across server and application environments. It primarily offers Operations Manager Suite to discover, manage, control, and enforce changes to physical and virtual servers in the data center. This suite includes Discovery Manager that allows data center staff to browse and collect configuration data about servers and applications in real-time, as well as historical inventory information; Compliance Manager that enables information technology (IT) departments achieve continuous compliance with operational, security, and regulatory policies. BladeLogic, Inc. also offers Application Release Manager that automates the process to roll-out applications from development to production environments in the data center, and Orchestration Manager for the development of workflows to address certain management processes across various functional groups in the data center. Bladelogic went public in 2007 (NASDAQ: BLOG) and was acquired by BMC in 2008.