Convertro, Inc.
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Convertro, Inc.

Convertro provides advanced tracking and revenue attribution of online marketing expenditures using a Software as a Service model. BVP first met Jeffrey Zwelling and David Feldman in 2008 when they were running online retailer YLighting. We were incredibly impressed by the company's operational efficiency and “difficult to believe” marketing metrics. Later that year, a private equity firm agreed and made a significant investment in YLighting. Thankfully for us, Jeff and Dave then set off to productize the marketing software suite, the basis of which has become Convertro. Using technologies beyond basic cookie tracking, Convertro is able to provide a richer data set that is not subject to problems that plague cookies, such as deletion, expiration, cross-domain or cross-browser issues. Convertro provides advertisers enhanced transparency into the effectiveness of their marketing channels by tracking many more customer-initiated marketing interactions than possible with conventional approaches including the ability to correlate sales completed offline with the online marketing channels driving the sale.  In May 2014, the company was acquired by AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL).